What the left gets right

What the left gets right
Photo modified from Wikimedia Commons.

It’s encouraging to see many people here and abroad finally waking up to the existential threat the anti-Western left represents to our culture, way of life and demographic future. Everyday people are now seeing that we have allowed a hateful viper to grow at our breast and spread through our education system to threaten our very existence. We are starting to fight back.

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are now describing Antifa as ‘domestic terrorists’ in the United States. From the Independent:

But law enforcement officials said that the US President helped spur the backlash through his own divisive rhetoric. 

“It was in that period [as the Trump campaign emerged] that we really became aware of them,” one senior law enforcement official said.

“These antifa guys were showing up with weapons, shields and bike helmets and just beating the shit out of people … they’re using Molotov cocktails, they’re starting fires, they’re throwing bombs and smashing windows.”

Even the establishment media are turning on the paramilitary left who have terrorised nationalists for decades. Across the board, the mainstream left are disowning Antifa. You know you’ve been cut loose by the Marxist elite when Californian lawmakers are debating whether to label you a street gang.

The same will happen here in Australia. There are Antifa thugs who have been operating with impunity for years who are going to get a rude shock. Many of them are academics and prominent journalists. The playing field against the nationalist right is now level. Game on.

It’s vital, however, that we understand the fanatics that we are up against. We must also realise that it is the same animating ideology which motivates the alt-left journalists at the ABC and SBS, the cultural revolutionaries in our universities and the violent thugs who wear black masks and crack skulls at Antifa rallies. They are all limbs of the same beast, and that beast wants you and your kids eradicated.

If you think that statement is sensationalist you are still woefully naive. These people are Marxists, and the only thing restraining them from exterminating nationalists and traditionalists is that they can’t get away with it. Not at the moment, anyway.

We are not fanatical members of a cult of power like they are. We aren’t brainwashed conformists. This is our strength, as it means we can understand them far better than they can understand us. This means we can defeat them.

In the lead-up to a Marxist revolution, the movement relies upon brainwashed fanatics who believe they are bringing about utopia. These people never realise that, once the revolution has happened, they will be the first taken to the firing squads. This happens every time.

This is why crony capitalist oligarchs like George Soros support movements like Antifa and the shadowy non-profits who fund it. They are the expendable footsoldiers of an agenda which benefits a tiny elite.

Although they commit horrendous evil in the name of their ideology, the young leftists we are dealing with in Antifa are themselves deceived. They have been brainwashed into a cult.

Western Marxism, like all religions, spreads through propaganda and indoctrination. Today’s Antifa thug putting a bikelock through someone’s skull was once an impressionable child, being told by a classroom authority figure about the horrors of evil white imperialism and the oppression of women by the patriarchy. This classroom indoctrination was then reinforced through exposure to media and popular culture pushing the same themes.

The message was always the same. White men with power are evil. Christianity is evil. Our ancestors were evil. All must be erased in order to end oppression and tyranny, and make sure another Holocaust never happens.

You tell a kid this message 10,000 times without any countervailing narrative from their family or their church and you’ve got yourself a cultural Marxist. We’ve been doing this to kids progressively for 50 years now. This has created Soros’ revolutionary army.

The thing is, all of those statements are at least partly true somehow. Powerful white men did conquer the planet, and there was some brutality while they did so. They were our ancestors, and many of them did terrible things in the name of Christianity.

Of course, the left have blown these truths out of all proportion. But they’re at least partly true, and partial truths are often more dangerous than outright lies.

A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.

– William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

What is missing are the other side of the ledger, and a balanced understanding of world history and human nature. Yes, there were massacres, although not as many as your average Postcolonial Studies lecturer is telling the purple-haired, transgender proto-SJW’s in our university classrooms.

To only teach this narrative to children is a grave misrepresentation of reality. We also brought the natives civilisation.

No human group gets to not be conquered at some stage. There is no ethnic group on Earth which has not experienced invasion and at least partial conquest. Our British forefathers were themselves conquered many times. On top of the prehistorical migrations lost to history, the British Isles have been conquered by the Romans, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, the Vikings and then the Normans.

The way we British treated the Aborigines was far more humane than the way the Romans treated the Celts. That’s just the way it is.

What the Romans did for the Celts as well was to bring them civilisation. The ones who survived were absorbed into the conquering group, but also got to use roads and all the other marvels of civilisation. Their descendants lived lives which were much more comfortable and secure due to Roman technologies, the rule of Roman law and participation in the broader human project of civilisation.

We’ve got National Sorry Day. When is National Thank You Day?

The technological, cultural and biological leap enforced upon Aborigines was even more traumatic than that of the Celts, but also infinitely more enriching. If we’re going to preach historical narratives to our kids framed in terms of moral universalism and identity politics, we need to provide versions which acknowledge both sides of the ledger.

This isn’t happening at the moment. The violent street thugs who are seeing Nazis everywhere and punching them in the face have a distorted worldview, and it’s made them unhinged. They have been fed lies with regard to race, culture, gender and sexual morality which has left them unable to deal with reality.

Like all religious fanatics, they will happily commit great evil and believe they are doing great good. If we do not understand their pathological psychology, we will keep underestimating them. And Marx will keep winning.