Food for thought – In Whiteness We Trust

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

According to a Washington Post ABC poll 22 million Americans support “the far-right” in the wake of Charlottesville. That’s 9% of the American population who’re sympathetic to full blown GTKRWN sentiment (which precludes the notably larger cuckservative leaning Alt-Lite demographics).

If one considers the fact that less than 6% of Americans trust the mainstream media, and factoring in the Bradley effect when extrapolating voting discrepancies in this ABC poll, I imagine the percentage would be even higher.

But I’m not surprised in the least by this burgeoning support for radical action.

Considering the degree of violence which has been perpetrated by Black Lives Matter, Democrats and a notorious militia”, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future 88% of America starts flashing the Roman salute.

With a new study by Professor John Villasenor indicating that 44% of University Students incorrectly think the First Amendment does not protect “hate speech”, I’m predicting another purge of liberal intellectuals is fast approaching.

As my mother always says “there’s only so much a koala can bare”.

Food for thought.

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