Food For Thought – If We Don’t Fight Back We Lose

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

For some time now, your XYZ have characterised Cultural Marxism as an autoimmune disorder, designed to decimate the healthy traditional values of White Western civilisation.

Having worked to invert our kin’s perception of ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ ‘true’ and ‘false’, the Cultural Marxists have been able to inculcate from infancy the idea that a beige, deracinated, polyamorous, gender fluid world is a “virtuous” pursuit.

Fundamentally this is a mortally dangerous and world-maligning scenario for our civilisation.

For example, where heterosexual culture was once a pillar of our society, opposing its redefinition in the current year by the bolshie bullies of the queer culture gets you ostracised, assaulted, dismissed from your job and labelled a “bigot” (or one of many other Marxist variants).

Further, luminaries of the “far-right” are the targets of the biggest internet censorship purge in history, and many are becoming locked out of the centralised financial system by being banned from platforms like PayPal, GoFundMe, and Patreon.

Ostensibly, adversity to the subsidisation of our enemies and the continued process of “Whiteness elimination”, is pathologized by the Cultural Marxists as a kind of “oppositional defiance disorder” to their dysgenic agenda.

Thus, as the same people who told us “diversity is our strength” now tell us “this is war”, if we don’t fight back against them we are going to lose.

Food for thought.