‘Diversity’ destroys diversity


Diversity took a hit this week. An uncontacted tribe in the Amazon was killed by gold prospectors in Brazil. That particular expression of humanity, like a rare orchid species in the rainforest, snuffed out forever.

amazon tribe extinct photo
Some tribes are more equal than others.

If brown people kill brown people is it still racist? I’m not sure. Either way, it’s quite tragic.

That loss of diversity was quite sudden. I’m sure there are other uncivilised tribes in the Amazon, but for them the trend is not their friend.

The trend is not our friend, either. Like those pierced and painted savages, we also are going extinct. It’s just happening more slowly.

Another piece of news this week is that the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers (TCOT) starts tomorrow. If you’re in the region it’s worth a visit. The produce there is second to none.

Along with the splendid floral arrangements, one thing I most enjoy about TCOT is that it imitates the divine order established by God. At Babel, God separated the nations. He also established the races, which the Bible indicates clearly are understood to be extended kinship networks. A nation is really a family, and God planted the nations in their regions just as the gardeners there at the Toowoomba Botanic Gardens planted and nurtured those little flowers for our delight.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Not to the anti-white fanatics who run this country, though. They would hate TCOT. They’d run around pulling up the daisies and geraniums and roses and peonies and demanding that they all be mixed together to make one bland, disharmonious ménage.

If the poppies want to stay in their own flower bed and have the other flowers stay in theirs, they must be varietist. Bigoted. Hateful. They must want all the other flowers exterminated. They’re Nazi flowers.

This was most certainly running through the minds of the bureaucrats, politicians and non-profit staff who decided to plant thousands of Muslim Somalian refugees in the southern part of Toowoomba a few years ago. Toowoomba was just too white, I guess. There just wasn’t enough ‘diversity’.

You won’t see many Somali Muslims at the flower show, though. That’s because when incompatible cultural groups cohabit the same area, they don’t mix. They tolerate for a time, then they fight. It’s just a matter of time.

If you find that statement racist then history is racist and you’re an idiot.

I went to a large shopping centre in southern Toowoomba last year with a mate who’s widely travelled. It was a warm day in late summer. He said it reminded him of somewhere.


That really gave me pause. Prior to mass African immigration, Toowoomba was the only place like it on Earth. Now that it’s had ‘diversity’ enforced upon it, it looks just like somewhere else.

How is the globe more diverse as a result of this government immigration program? If everywhere looks the same, at least everywhere in formerly white countries, how is the planet more diverse?

When you are teaching a child to paint, the first thing to do is to get them to not immediately mix all the colours together. This is because, if you mix all the colours together, you get an ugly brown. The paint is then useless. You need to start again, and no art can be created.

This is the vision the globalists have for the West, and it is the agenda ethnic nationalists are fighting against.

Understanding that ‘diversity’ destroys diversity does not make me a hater of other ethnicities. I’m a race-realist, not a racist. Au contraire, I’m actually quite xenophilic for an ‘evil Nazi white supremacist troll’.  Some of my fondest memories are of travelling and living overseas.

If you have not experienced the Busan fish market on a Friday night, walked through underground shopping centres in Fukuoka past the okonomiyake hawkers or smoked a shisha in the shadow of Karnak in Luxor while drinking the most delicious coffee on Earth, you haven’t lived. Likewise, getting a discomfitingly intimate rub-down at the Cemberlitas Hamam in Istanbul, er Constantinople, eating a chicken stuffed with almonds and dried fruits at a café in Jaffa in Tel Aviv over the Andromeda Rock or sweating buckets while you walk through the sad Dutch Graveyard in Malacca are among the delights of this world.

I’m grateful that I’ve been able to do all those things. I’m also grateful that all those things are over there, rather than over here.

I don’t mind having to travel to Egypt to have an Egyptian coffee or go to Seoul for yumulcha. That’s because I prefer diversity to ‘diversity’.

The former is orderly, natural and peaceable. The latter is chaotic, artificial and destructive. The former is what the peoples of this world want. The latter is what the corrupt rulers of this world want, and only seems necessary for white countries to engage in.

White nationalists are not exaggerating when we claim that ‘diversity’ is white genocide. Of course it is.

If Turkey was forced by the globalist elite to take in millions of Africans it would be understood as demographic warfare against the Turks. If the Mongolians were made to take in millions of Brazilians it would be the same.

Why is it though that white countries being forced by the globalist elite and their cultural Marxist footsoldiers to take in millions of incompatible foreigners is not considered genocide? The only explanation is that there is a double standard at work.

If the neoliberal elite are not stopped then one day there won’t be an Australia. You can’t have Australia without Australians, and no matter what our children are taught in school there are not 7 billion potential Aussies. There aren’t even 20 million of us now, and thanks to abortion and degeneracy the outlook for replacement is bleak.

Mark Twain was correct when he said that one day we all sit down to a banquet of consequences. Our banquet has arrived, and although the food is spicy it’s not a pleasant meal. It’s a death row feast.

Our forefathers were correct to warn us against mass immigration, particularly from Asia. There are just too many of them and too few of us, and although it might keep house prices high for retiring Boomers the influx of Asians and their money is destroying Australia.

This is how civilisations collapse. Not through warfare and not through conquest. Through a loss of identity, elite corruption and demographic replacement. We are well down the road to collapse. The sun is setting on the West, just as it did on that tiny Amazonian tribe.

But who will mourn these flowers?