We wuz aristocratz


Except it turns out that Europeans today actually were.

If you’re one of the few Boomers who haven’t been driven away by our notorious Boomerphobic streak here at the XYZ, you might not get the reference. Here’s the background.

Kudos to you too for sticking around. You’re one of the good ones. Not like these ones.

we wuz aristocratz photo
Courtesy of the world’s most genocidal Republican website.

One of the many brilliant cultural artefacts to have emerged from 4chan/pol/ over the past few years, or at least until this year, was the We Wuz Kangz meme. Here are some examples.

we wuz aristocratz photo
Photo from social media.
we wuz aristocratz photo
Photo from social media.

You get the picture. These examples of memetic warfare were developed in response to the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, as well as ridiculous claims made by fake academics in African-American Studies Departments across America and then parroted by other fake academics across the Western world.

Not content with non-whites colonising us in the present, these fake intellectuals have convinced not only themselves but large numbers of naïve and trusting white millennials that the ancient Egyptian pyramid-builders were black, Hannibal Barca the famous Carthaginian general was black, Cleopatra was black and that white colonialism stole this wonderful ebonic heritage. In typical Marxist fashion, they’ve created a narrative built on the retarded idea that for one group to be rich, they must have stoled it from somewun.

It’s all bullshit, of course. The ancient Egyptians had mainly modern European DNA, Hannibal was a Carthaginian descended from Phoenicians and therefore essentially Greek, Cleopatra was a Macedonian Greek and white colonialism built the modern world that everyone on the planet now enjoys. You’re welcome, world.

When Europeans expanded our empires across the globe, we found minerals and agricultural resources abundant because no-one had figured out how to extract and use them before. By developing these resources, Europeans created unimaginable wealth for the planet. We also built infrastructure in the lands we ruled which never would have otherwise existed. Most nations in Africa and the Middle East were much better off under European rule than they are today. Again, you’re welcome.

This leads to an obvious question, though. What made modern Europeans so capable? Over the course of the last millennium, Europeans have gone from being relatively average to being the most creative, intelligent and powerful group of races on the planet. How did that happen?

A convincing, empirical answer to this question has been put forward to Ryan Faulk, a researcher and writer in the new rightist movement springing up worldwide. By applying a rigorous research methodology, Ryan has formulated a response which might provide deep insights into how belief, culture and biology impact each other over time to produce the obvious racial and ethnic diversity we see around the world.

To begin with, let’s look at the remarkable decline in murder rates in Europe between 1300 and 1900 AD. Over the course of that period, Europe became a much less violent place. While we know that today black Americans are about 7.5 times more likely to commit homicide than white Americans, Europeans from the thirteenth century were more than 20 times more likely to do so. We wuz gangstaz.

Something has clearly happened here, and given what we know about violent criminality, IQ and social status, it may well be the answer to our question of why modern whites have reached the stars while some other races still struggle to reach the toilet.

There seem to have been two powerful trends at play during the 600 years until the twentieth century. The first Faulk refers to as the downward social regression of the elite.

Within Europe and North America from 1250 to 1800, the top third of the population produced a third more offspring than the rest of the population. The net effect of this is that, over the course of that period, the top third of the population ‘replaced’ the bottom two-thirds 2.3 times.

Modern Europeans are overwhelmingly the genetic descendants of the medieval aristocracy and upper peasantry. We wuz aristocratz.

The second process which created the distinct creativity and intelligence of modern Europeans is the punitive punishments for murder which were handed down in Catholic Europe. By monopolising violence, the courts were able to cull criminal genes from the population over each successive generation. Now of course many cultures had laws and courts, but in Christian Europe the law was applied particularly universally and evenly.

This meant that about 1.5% of the male population was executed for some sort of crime from 1000 to 1750 AD. This eugenic process removed the most criminal and violent genes from the gene pool, and had the effect of pacifying the population overall.

By the sixteenth century, the people of Western Europe were a completely different stock to that of 1250. By the nineteenth, a different stock again to that of 1525. The elite of 1250 would seem to you like hyper-aggressive supermax inmates. By 1525, the elite approximate modern whites and the commoners still chimp out.

By 1900, the average Western European was equivalent in temperament and IQ to the highest-born and ablest of the sixteenth century, through a process of eugenic social selection. It is due to this process, entirely unintended and unnoticed, that we reached the stars.

This is Faulk’s theory of a European Revolution, a foundational theory for why the Agricultural Revolution, Age of Discovery and Industrial Revolution all occurred in Europe and then spread to the rest of the planet. It’s a compelling and well-researched theory.

There are two addenda I would add to Faulk’s elegant theory. I would argue that ultimately it was the eugenic effect of Christianity which led to the rise and rise of modern European man. By aligning their beliefs, values and social organisation most closely with reality, our forebears thrived and improved themselves most consistently. In my view it was ultimately Christianity, the most effective civilisational software known to man, which created the modern white ubermenschen of today.

The second note I would add to Faulk’s thesis is that these eugenic trends for Europeans have now been reversed. Not only have we had two catastrophic European wars which destroyed the finest DNA in the world over two generations, we’ve also had the dysgenic policies of post-war socialism undoing all the hard work of our ancestors as quickly as possible. Boomer idealism and self-indulgence are erasing centuries of hard-fought genetic improvement.

The virtuous and the productive are now taxed to extinction, while the vicious and indolent are subsidised to breed. By spreading its evil tentacles into every aspect of social life, the Leviathan state is corrupting the bloodlines of white civilisation.

Such ideas as Faulk’s are why I have given up on believing that ‘Western values’ such as liberty and free speech or utopian ideals such as equality can save our civilisation. They can’t. The solutions to our current existential problems are at least partly to be found in understanding biology, genetics and race. They are also partly to be found in rediscovering faith. We have it in us to find and apply them. After all, we are aristocrats.

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