Triple J rejects multiculturalism, embraces alt-right


In a startling turn of events today, Triple J presenter Tom Tilley has disavowed the multicultural agenda of the ABC and called openly for an end to white genocide.

The declaration was made during today’s The Hack show, after an interview with American white identitarian and Charlottesville rally attendee Eli Mosley. While seeming to be hostile to the alt-right philosophy at the beginning of the interview, Tom’s real position became clear during the first caller to the show.

The Jewish caller, Hershel, was surprisingly candid about the views shared by many of his fellow Israelis when it comes to white nationalism. Arguing that multiculturalism is necessary for the wiping away of whites and is good for the Jews, Hershel provoked Tom into uttering his own version of the 14 words.

Whether Tom also supports the 88 is unclear at this point.

Tom’s response has been met with surprise and delight from his fellow alt-righters across the nation.

The exchange can be heard below.

Triple J was unavailable for comment. Should Tom, like many of the alt-right attendees at Charlottesville, be fired by the ABC for his views, the XYZ has agreed to look at his resume.

Photo from social media.