Tim Soupbum pretends to shut it down, fails


Don’t you hate it when everything is going to plan and then one big fat idiot opens his mouth and spills the beans?

Human Rights Commissioner Tim Soupbum does.

Tim Soupbum Shut It Down photo
Shut down for talking out of mosque. Modified from flickr.

There’s now so much knowing going on among the whiteys that Soupbum has had to step in and pretend to be offended by Mohamed Elmouelhy’s recent failure to apply taqiyya properly.

Soupbum’s had to wave his section 18C stick at a non-white for once. This section of the Racial Discrimination Act is the one which refers to it being illegal to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate a race of people.

What’s really pissed Soupbum off is that, under 18C, whites aren’t supposed to be a race. Like all cultural Marxist weapons deployed against Western civilisation, this legislation relies on a form of doublethink in which whites can only ever be oppressors and non-whites are eternally oppressed. Now Elmouelhy’s stuffed all that up.

Soupbum doesn’t mean it, though. It’s just damage control. The extermination of whites is the moral arc of history, after all.

Elmouelhy’s real crime has just been jumping the gun. His views are what we can expect to see in Australia on Middle Eastern-style talk shows by 2040 given current trends. Not yet though, Mohamed.

Soupbum’s intervention comes after a few weeks of non-stop white genociding by the Rudd appointee. Only a month ago, Soupbum was complaining loudly that there’s too many Anglo faces around.

Can you imagine any non-white government paying a low-level academic six figures to say there’s too many non-white faces around?

Isn’t that kind of offending, insulting, humiliating and intimidating a race of people, Tim?

What makes Tim Soupbum hate us so much?

Let’s take a look inside that enormous cranium and see what’s driving this former Labor staffer and lying media pundit in his blood vendetta against white Australians.

When conducting an investigation, accuracy is crucial. Let’s start with your name, Tim. Or should we say, Thinethavone.

You’ve got an identity issue Thinethavone, and you’re taking it out on us. Like many ethnic minorities who have been told by civic nationalists that you’re Australian when you know you’re not, you’re confused. It’s created a neurosis, and this neurosis is being projected onto the peaceful and noble people of this country whose only crime has been to pretend for too long that ethnicity doesn’t exist and racial universalism can work.

It can’t.

Born racially Chinese and Laotian in France and growing up in Australia, you’ve lived without an identity all your life. Then along came cultural Marxism, and you had one. You’re oppressed! And those nasty Anglo kids who teased you in primary school for your stinky lunchbox are the oppressors!

That you also get to make a career out of destroying their identity to compensate for your own is just an added bonus.

You see, people like you Thinethavone are proving the alt-right’s arguments correct. Everyone needs an ethnic identity, and a people to which they can belong. This is the cruelty of the multicultural lie. It destroys the only true basis for national identity, thus creating the postmodern, individualist mentality of manufactured fake identities based on consumerism, lifestyle choices and political ideologies.

Like Yassmin and Waleed, you’ve let this identity confusion turn into a toxic hatred for the ethnic majority of this nation. It’s got to end.

It’s not the 90’s anymore, Thinethavone.

Whitey knows.

Rather than internalise white guilt and commit suicide, we’re externalising white confidence and asserting our identity. You call this bigotry. We call it the right of every people to exist.

If we were to go to Laos and take up a high-paying government job conducting witch-hunts into any Laotian who dared to assert their right to exist, would that be ok with you?

Then why do you think it’s ok with us?

Time to shut it down for good, Thinethavone. The gig is up. Your cultural Marxist tricks won’t work anymore, and further attempts to gaslight white Australians will only lead to a greater backlash as more and more Australians wise up to your fifth-column tricks.

Take a holiday in Laos. Get back to your roots. Learn the lingo. Perhaps you could stay there?

White Australians built this country, and our great-grandchildren will inherit it. That’s not racism. It’s what everyone wants for their people. Including Laotians.

Photo by follyofreason