A Ryan Rant – Episode 62 (Praise KEK and Pass the Ammunition)


America, like the rest of the West, is rapidly beginning to transition into a civil war. One side supports White people having a right to their own destiny for self-determination and the other believes White people should be wiped off the face of the earth.

America unfortunately has allowed, and continues to proactively plant, many of these pestilent anti-White weeds that are destroying its Gadsden garden.

For those normie spectators who’ve dismissed this as hyperbole, they will likely only reject White genocide when the mongrelised Marxists are about to plunge the dagger of degeneracy into their chests. Even then they might try to explain it away.

My suggestion for those aware of our displacement and dispossession is turn on, tune in and drop by whenever and wherever the anti-fascist caliphate decides to demonstrate in the future.