A Ryan Rant – Episode 60 (Fiddle me this, Goy)


Before anymore Jews or Shabbos Goyim characterise this synagogue ban in Bondi as being “anudda Kristallnacht”, let’s just recap some of the delicious irony that’s taken place.

For a while now, lunatic liberals and Talmudic tapeworms like (((Rabbi Herschel Lieberman))), have declared their solidarity with Muslims in destroying White Western civilisation.

In fact many Jews have overwhelmingly supported the Refugees Welcome movement, so much so that they ship their Muslim refos to our shores whom are deemed to be a security threat to their own ethno-state of Israel.

This is why many folk like myself feel nothing but utter apathy for those playing the violin of victimhood, what with the world rapidly erupting in total chaos yet again.