PETITION: A Royal Commission into Marxist indoctrination in education in Australia



For 50 years, the cultural Marxists have been pursuing a fifth column agenda inside our education system. They’ve turned education into indoctrination, and they’ve been getting away with programming young Aussies to hate themselves for far too long. It’s time to fight back.

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Freaks like Clementine Ford, Waleed Aly and Yassmin Whatever Her Name Was don’t come from nowhere. They are created, moulded and emboldened by an educational culture which is obsessed with destroying straight, white males and the heritage of Western civilization which has been passed down to us. They are filled with a morbid hatred of Christianity and the strength and decency of white Aussies.

Even mainstream normies still plugged into the establishment media are becoming aware of the situation. From the Safe Schools debacle in our primary schools to falling academic performance in international PISA test scores, Australian children are being failed by an education establishment which is more interested in pushing an ideological agenda than in preparing young Australians for adulthood.

Here is a screenshot from a standard curriculum textbook used to train teachers in universities across Australia. It is not cherry-picked; this is entirely representative of the thorough corruption of scholarship and teaching within our university Education departments.

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Notice the use of the term ‘Marxian’? Like all totalitarians, these people change language to obscure their real agenda. The adjective ‘Marxist’ is obnoxious to everyone but the fanatical inner elite. Hence the change of the term. The meaning is exactly the same though.

The tenured radicals and weaponised purple-haired land whales who run our campuses will scream about ‘academic freedom’ when such a Royal Commission is announced. They’ll compare themselves to Galileo persecuted by the medieval Church. It’s bullshit. If our universities were indoctrinating our students with national socialism, the police would raid them tomorrow. Why do we stand for indoctrination in the far more deadly worldview of international socialism? Why is Hitler verboten but Stalin ok?

Apathy among our political elites has allowed the situation to reach the crisis point it has today. Only a mass movement against campus totalitarianism and the Marxist agenda will bring about a restoration of our education system.

Education is seen as solely a training ground to produce economic worker units by our neoliberal political elite. Our politicians are not interested in picking a political fight with the teachers unions and the campus radicals over the perversion of our young. They don’t care enough to spend political capital eradicating Marxism in the classroom.

The only way to motivate our political class to fix the problem of neo-Marxist traitors in our universities and schools is for the public at large to put enough pressure on them. A Royal Commission is the most effective way for the public to become aware of just how dire the future will be for our nation unless things change.

And we need to make sure they find a bronze-balled arsehole Aussie Joe McCarthy to lead it.

If you want to end cultural Marxism in our education system, sign the petition by clicking here.

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