No more damn swastikas


What’s the first thing you tell your son when you’re teaching him to fight?

Keep your hands up. Why?

Because your face, chin and kidneys are your most vulnerable points. Arms up, elbows in means you can fend off your opponent’s punches and launch your own.

The same principle applies to all forms of warfare. Guard your weak points and strike your enemy where he is weakest.

If you are a white nationalist in Australia today, and you should be if you want to defeat the postmodern left, then you’re in a fight. And after Charlottesville, this fight just got much more intense.

The Great Meme War of 2016 was a primary school scuffle compared to what’s coming.

The anti-white establishment are now shutting down websites, cutting people off payment services, getting people fired and calling for murder and assassination. After Charlottesville, the cultural Marxist elite believes they have the cover to shut us down permanently.

The decision-makers who run the anti-white elite are not stupid. They understand metapolitics. They know that before they use the power of the state to crush us, they must first discredit us in the minds of the public. Otherwise all they will do is make martyrs, and more will rise behind us.

Our enemies will first smash our image, then they’ll smash us. Our positive image in the minds of a majority of the public is all that’s protecting us from obliteration by the elite. This means, above all, we must maintain our public image as a shield against the vastly superior power that the elite still has at the moment.

In the future, that will change. Should we win the metapolitical war, then we will begin the political struggle. Maybe there will be armed conflict. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. For the moment, though, our image is everything.

This is why we must win the propaganda war. It’s the only thing stopping the cultural Marxist establishment from killing us right now. If you think I’m being overly dramatic, you need to look up the history of Marxist regimes. Western Marxists would be just as brutal as the Eastern Marxists were if they thought they could get away with it.

They put Pauline in jail for saying 20 years ago that we were going to be swamped by Asians. She was right, of course. What do you think George Brandis would do to her now after that burqa stunt if he could get away with it? The mind shudders.

The crackdown on dissidents post-Charlottesville has not been possible for the elite just because of the car incident against Antifa. It has also been made possible by the larpy Hollywood neo-Nazis who were waving swastikas, doing Roman salutes and otherwise doing everything they could at the rally to confirm what the lying media has been telling normies about white ‘supremacists’ for decades.

I can hear the crying howls from our National Socialist friends right now.

“Bolshevism killed ten times more than National Socialism yet uni students wear the hammer and sickle with no problem.”

“Stop counter-signalling. You’re punching right.”

‘They’re going to call us Nazis anyway, what difference does it make?”

“You’re cucking. You must be a libtardarian.”

“Hitler did nothing wrong.”

Shut up. You are in the metapolitical fight of your life and any mistakes harm not only you and your mates but the entire movement. Every time the lying, alt-left media can portray us as supremacist neo-Nazis to normies, we get weaker. Every time we show normies that we are simply advocating for the same rights to an ethnic identity as every other people, we get stronger.

Every time we look like hateful totalitarian freaks who want to fire up the ovens, we get weaker. Every time we show normies that we are their advocates and we are driven by love of tradition, heritage and our forefathers who built this nation, we get stronger. This is the stage of the war that we are in now, and if we keep losing then there will be no security for the existence of our people or a future for white children.

Resurrecting the iconography, ideology and policies of the NSDAP also goes against the very principles of the National Socialist and fascist movements in Europe during the early twentieth century.

Those movements, much distorted by cultural Marxist historians, were focused on a rejection of modernist materialism, communism and the excesses of international capitalism. They were also expressions of the nations they emerged in. Italian fascism drew upon Roman heritage for its aesthetics and imagery. NatSoc drew upon Nordic and Germany myths and a racialist ideology of Teutonic supremacism. They were not white nationalists.

None of those have anything to do with Australia in the current year and will never appeal to the Australian people. It’s not us. We’re not Prussian socialists or national syndicalist Italians, either. Any attempt to directly import elements of interwar Central European ideologies into Australia today are doomed to failure.

We can learn from those movements and apply their strategies, but attempting to directly import them to our time and place with result in failure.

We have our own symbols and a rich heritage. Our ancestors were world-conquerors who extended British civilisation to the farthest reaches of the earth. There is more than enough for us to draw on to create an alternative to the neoliberal, neoconservative globalism and cultural Marxism of the anti-white establishment.

For fifty years the alt-left media and education establishment have been telling white Australians that any assertion of ethnic identity makes us evil Nazis. This programming is thoroughly embedded in the national psyche. It doesn’t matter that you believe it’s all a lie. Australians don’t.

A guerrilla movement like ours strikes where the enemy is weakest, not strongest. There is nothing to be gained by associating our movement with symbols, rhetoric and ideology that Australians have been programmed to fear and reject. It only makes our task harder. We must learn what we can from ethnic nationalist movements of the past, but develop our own ideas and symbols.

German National Socialism died in a bunker in April, 1945. Let’s not go out the same way. Let’s win this time.

Photo from flickr.