Lying media: ‘Jihadis love queers more than you, white bigot’


You evil, white Crusader.

While you are beheading queers in the streets, your jihadi conquerors are embracing sodomiites and catamites in record numbers.

By Andrew Buncombe at the Independent:

“Some attitudes take a long time to change.

“But a new survey looking at different faiths’ acceptance of the LGBTQ community has thrown up some interesting results.

“It suggests that Muslims in America are more accepting of homosexuality than white evangelical Protestants. Furthermore, their rate of acceptance is moving is increasing [sic] faster than those of Protestants.” 

Andrew, that’s called taqiyya. We don’t really need a special word for it, though, because it’s what every minority group has always done everywhere to advance their own interests. When white Aussies become a minority on this continent thanks to self-hating whites like you, then we’ll probably just call it bullshitting. Or whatever the Chinese equivalent is.

isis gay off roof photo
White evangelical sharia. Photo from social media

Another finding from the fake survey in the fake news article is much more believable:

“Most Muslims continue to hold the view that immigrants strengthen the US because of their hard work and talents. And two-thirds say they would prefer to have a larger government that provides more services over a smaller government that provides fewer services,” says the report by the Pew Research Centre.”

So Andrew, Muslims want more Muslims in America? Astonishing, especially given that world conquest is the core doctrine around which their death cult is based.

And two-thirds want more free gibs from white taxpayers so their child-wives can sit at home on the ottoman and pump out the future mahdi army? My guess is the other third are lying. There’s a theological term for taking resources from non-Muslims to spread the umma as well, Andrew. It’s called jizya.

As is standard with this type of boilerplate fake news article, Andrew then brings in a member of the oppressed minority to make sure the white, mostly female readership gets hit by the guilt right in the feelz. This time, it’s Urooj Arshad, ‘an LGBTQ Muslim activist who is a member of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity’.

I took a survey at our place too, Andrew. My poll found that 100% of respondents think Urooj should jump on a drone and head back to the Khyber Pass where it belongs.

isis gay off roof photo
Bye, Urooj! Photo from social media

What makes someone like Andrew hate their own civilization so much that he’s (assuming gender, I know) motivated to spend all his waking hours pumping out this poisonous filth? Let’s take a look.

andrew buncombe photo
This is what a cultural Marxist looks like. Photo from Twitter.

Low testosterone, daddy issues and bitter resentment from his adolescent gamma status is my bet. I know you’ll read this Andrew once I tweet it to you, so I suggest you go lift some weights and jump rope every day and take up a manly hobby like outdoor climbing or boxing to overcome your daddy issues. Also cut out the soy. Eat steak.

That’ll help you with your low sexual market value as well. Who knows, you might end up writing for a site with balls one day like XYZ.

You won’t though, because degenerates like you are addicted to the self-righteousness you get from destroying the civilization your ancestors built. There’s really no hope for you.

And when Urooj’s mates take over the capitals of the West, they’ll turn on villains like you very quickly. In the moment before you go off the roof, perhaps you’ll realise that you were only tolerated as the enemy of their enemy. They were never your friends.

Photo from social media.