The left creates the right


Confronting new footage has emerged of the street fighting in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.

The footage, of Traditionalist Worker Party members and other white nationalists clashing with Antifa, shows clearly that political violence is escalating in America. What it also shows is that white nationalist organisations are evolving as they look for ways to counteract the terrorist tactics of the organised, Soros-backed left have been using since the election campaign.

This is how revolutions and civil wars break out. Through a dialectical process of mutual radicalization, each side becomes more militant as the centre gives way. Like many who follow these trends, I’m convinced scenes like this will be repeated across the Western world in the coming years.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

W. B. Yeats, ‘The Second Coming’

This first stanza of Yeats’ poem describes well times such as ours. XYZ readers, not being low-info, historically illiterate normies, will know that this type of period has happened before, particularly during the modern era.

Why is it that we have these convulsive eruptions during which ‘The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity’?

The left.

That’s the reason.

Our problem is not intolerance or ‘hate’. All men hate. Our problem is the brainwashed cultural Marxist fanatics who have been pumped out of our education system now for decades and have been waging war on white men and the civilisation we built throughout the world. These people believed they were bringing about some sort of multiracial utopia of diversity.

They weren’t. They were making Nazis.

Yeats’ only mistake is to assert that both sides are composed of the worst. This is not true. The right, always reactionary, always seeking to conserve or restore, always seeking a return to morality and order, are not the worst. I would count among them the best, men who are willing to forsake security and respectability to prevent the worst from seizing power and bringing about hell on earth.

Let’s take the Nazis as an example, given how much that label is used as a weapon against white nationalists. Does anyone believe the world would have been better had the international communists in Germany seized power in 1933? Would fewer Europeans have died? Or just different ones?

The leftists who control our decadent, postmodern society don’t wail about Nazis because they killed people. They wail because they killed the wrong people.

I am not saying that because I am on the right; I am on the right because I believe that to be so. Leftism is a modern mental disease, a spiritual illness which weaponises the darkest elements of human nature such as envy and pride then uses them to create a cult of power.

Our societies are totally controlled by leftists. They have been waging a permanent cultural revolution for 50 years now.

The most explicit and most powerful form of leftism is, of course, Marxism. Marx didn’t invent it though. I trace this modern malady of the mind back to the French Revolution. It was in France that the Jacobins created the first truly modern reign of terror, murdering 50,000 before they were themselves destroyed. It was France which, through Napoleon, spread these utopian ideals of equality across Europe. And it was France which gave us the Paris Commune, which influenced Marx in his adoption of communism.

Germany may have given us Nazism, but ultimately it was France which gave us communism. The latter has been much more deadly than the former, and is still very much alive in the West today.

Believing that their utopian idealism places them above petty morality, the footsoldiers of the left will always increase their brutality to achieve power. They always double down. During periods like ours, the violence always spirals until it reaches a climax and one side takes control.

This atrocity inflation is again always driven by the left. This is what we have seen throughout the presidential election campaign and since the election of President Trump.

The origin of political violence is never the right. Since the French Revolution, movements of the right have always been a political immune response; civilisational antibodies fighting back against the virus of revolutionary leftism.

I’m not saying they’re harmless. Like in immunology, the reactionary right can become more brutal and authoritarian than the leftist disease it is fighting. It is not the disease though, and if we look across modern history it is clear that rightist regimes are on balance much more pleasant to live under than leftist regimes.

When the left wins, we have a communist dictatorship. When the right becomes strong enough quickly enough, we have an authoritarian dictatorship. The inevitability of dictatorship is determined by the fanaticism and violence of the leftist movement at the time.

Those of you who just wish that both sides would stop and we could go back to centrist politics, wake up. The global economy is tanking, war is getting more likely by the day and the left are completely out of control. If you want politics to stay more moderate, shut down the left. Sitting on the sidelines will only make you a spectator, where you will ‘lack all conviction’.

Winter has come. The battle is joined. Will you just watch?

Since Charlottesville, leftists have started pulling down Confederate statues across the Union. This neo-Marxist revolution is one against Western civilisation itself. Does anyone in their right mind believe that young, white males will just sit by and do nothing while their past, their identity and ultimately their existence is erased by a hostile state and its fanatical footsoldiers?

Those who are preaching moderation do not agree yet with the alt-right that the state is hostile to white identity. If that is the case, consider this question: If they were white guys in polo shirts pulling down a Martin Luther King statue, would they be called ‘protestors’ by the leftist media? Or ‘Nazis’, ‘racists’ and ‘domestic terrorists’?

Cultural Marxism created this crisis. It has spread its tentacles and injected its poison into the very bloodstream of the West. Obsession with whiteness and maleness from the left will backfire painfully in their faces. ‘Check your privilege’ will become ‘Assert my privilege’ among a generation of young white males who are being made to bear the weight of all the sin in history without having done anything wrong.

‘The blood-dimmed tide is loosed’ and white nationalism is on the march.

What the hell did these leftists think would happen?

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