BBC make da Pidgin site cos dey be think da kangz don English n sheeit


In the latest stunning example of postmodern stupidity destroying Western civilisation, the BBC has launched a Pidgin service for the illiterate West African boroughs of London.


It seems grammar, syntax and punctuation are now racist, too.

Proving that 2017 is officially the Year of the Absurd, headlines include such gems as, ‘Houston Flood: “Things don hard for us here” – Africans’ and ‘See grandmama dem wey dey learn boxing’.

For older XYZ readers who can remember when the BBC set the gold standard for Queen’s English worldwide, this will come as a shocking development. The Queen’s English has been replaced with the kangz Pidgin.

Social media users here in Australia report that the Pidgin news seems less filtered than the standard BBC news service, indicating perhaps less concern for propagandising Third World slum-dwellers than the dwindling white, inner-urban elite. As in George Orwell’s novel 1984, Bongo in the Congo is getting clearer news than the transgender technocrats of the urban establishment.

For we last few sane defenders of civilisation here at the XYZ, this is another sign of imminent collapse. Just as the quality of Latin declined prior to the fall of the Western Roman Empire, this official acknowledgement of Pidgin as having the same cultural status as Queen’s English is another brick removed from the wall that separates us from barbarism.