Pro-White Posters Spread to Brisbane, Lying Media Lose Their Minds


In a sign that the iron grip of cultural Marxism is weakening, some pro-white posters have started going up in cities across the nation. The lying media, of course, have made no effort to report the situation objectively.

kristallnacht alderley photo
For their ABC, we’re all this guy. Modified from flickr & XYZ.

Fake journalist Jessica Hinchcliffe (you can say hi on Twitter) has demonstrated all the considerable skills she learned during her journalism degree by whipping up an imaginary uprising by the citizens of Brisbane suburb Newmarket in response to the blitzkrieg of posters.

According to comrade Hinchcliffe:

Residents of a Brisbane suburb have taken the fight against racism into its own hands by removing posters declaring “diversity is white genocide”.

The posters appeared on power poles, walls and buildings around the inner north-west suburb of Newmarket on Monday.

A group calling itself The Dingoes placed the posters, which had other log lines such as “China for Chinese” and “India for Indians”.

But within 24 hours many of them had been defaced or removed.

abc kristallnacht photo
It’s kristallnacht all over again after six million Newmarket residents rose up against racist posters. Photo by XYZ.

It’s like colonialism all over again. How dare straight white men play the identity politics game back against the leftist establishment that hates us so much?

The ABC’s clearly pro-Marxist coverage wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t such an obvious double-standard. Leftists have been smattering the walls of our cities with anti-white and anti-male propaganda for decades with impunity. There’s never been any outrage from the cultural Bolsheviks at the ABC though. Why is only anti-white propaganda okay, Jennifer?

west end aids mural photo
West End wall AIDS. Photo from social media.

This abomination appeared earlier this month in the inner Brisbane suburb of West End. For those readers who are unfamiliar with the demographics of Brisbane, West End is representative of the ring of AIDS-infested suburbs which surround the CBD of every Australian city.

Despite this mural constituting illegal property damage, there was no outrage. As always when it comes to the ABC and Fairfax fake news outlets, identity politics is okay as long as the target is kosher.

It’s not just guerrilla vandalism which is officially sanctioned by the powers that be in postmodern Australia though. Our publicly-funded universities also regularly display leukophobic and misandrist propaganda.

qut hate posters photo
Taxpayer-funded hate speech. Photo by XYZ.

We evil white guys are just out of control. Luckily the Brisbane City Council has a plan to get rid of us before we lebensraum everybody. This is according to Matthew Burke, chairman for lifestyle and community services:

“Brisbane is a new world city with a diverse population. This exciting multiculturalism is one of the city’s key cultural and social assets that enriches and unites us as a community.”

Phew. It looks like the Final Solution for the White Problem is in sight. One day all this identity politics will be a thing of the past, and the tolerant and diverse transgender lesbians can live in peace forever with the Muslim hordes. How progressive.