Food for Thought – Drawing Delight From Disdain

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

For some time now, I have enjoyed riling up humourless “Have-Nots” (whom, from what I can see, lack the capacity to derive any joy from life) with my amateur cartoons.

Growing up I used to enjoy flipping through my hardcover copy of Heckling Hitler by Zbynêk Zeman, which for anyone who is interested, provides a brilliant overview of how weaponised satire helped bring down the Third Reich.

In the current year, having survived the Meme War of 2016, I like many others are fighting back against the humourless “Have-Nots” attempt to censor fashy weaponised irony (which, pardon the pun, is rather ironic).

Which, for anyone who knows me, is the best way to get me to embrace the motif they rail against.

As this write up by Greenmyn conveys, for the Lefties to have a chance at beating us edgy Shitlords at our own game, you’re going to have to put a dent in our Delectarientia.

Good luck with that snowflakes.

Food for thought