Food for Thought – You Can’t Spell Aryan Without Ryan, #HailWhitopia

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Lately I’ve been undergoing a strict diet of White Pills (naturally taken with a glass of milk) in order to purge myself of any poisonous (((Black pills))) subverting my senses.

What I have come to realise is that I’ve far evolved from the humble Hempster I was only a few short years ago. For me there is a far greater 420 requiring my dedication and duty these days.

While our enemies seek to shut down weaponised irony (ROFL), to shoah those of us whom speak against (((diversity))), we are not going to stop fighting against (((their Semitic sorcery))) and Cuckovian cancer.

Hail victory for Whitopia and death to all who oppose our existence!

Food for thought.