A Ryan Rant – Episode 52 (Birds of a Feather Fly Flags Together)


Ask yourselves why the (((chosenite))) seek to spread Multiculturalism everywhere, except within their own kosher territories, while they agitate for free abortion and third world open border immigration?

Why is it that this nefarious “anti-race” has long been identified as the repository of treason and miscegenation, and whose kosher butchering of Europeans compliments their continued hand in the White slave trade.

Consider for a moment that their Talmudic tentacles are not your friend, but rather the erosive inky organs of inferior ideologies whose function is to re-write the history books in favour of their enrichment.

When birds of a feather flock together is it any wonder why self-respecting White youth are opting for the Red pill over the Bolshevik buggery of the Blue pill.