The Problem of Democratic Sovereignty


This is the second in a series looking at sovereignty and political legitimacy in Western countries today. The first piece explored the problem of democratic legitimacy under socialism.

The mood among the establishment media has shifted noticeably since the French election. Gone is the post-Trump melancholia. Lovers of the globalist status quo seem to have convinced themselves that Brexit and Trump were just anomalies, and that the new world disorder of open borders, cultural Marxism against whites and unfettered corporate neoliberalism is back on track.

Emmanuel Macron.

They’re wrong. Macron is a puppet of the globalists, sure, yet the establishment parties which have ruled France for decades were roundly rejected. Macron will continue the agenda of his handlers as outlined by oligarchs like George Soros, but this will be against the will of the French people. Everywhere around the world, the people will become more and more radical until the establishment is overthrown. It is always thus with revolutionary periods in history. The stubbornness, arrogance and corruption of the elites fuel the movement that destroys them.

Yet again too, we have seen stunning evidence of criminality and degeneracy on the part of a globalist candidate released just prior to an election. We saw this with Hillary Clinton also. Just as with Clinton, a dump of Macron’s email records going back over a decade shows that the cougar aficionado and former Rothschild banker stashed money in secret accounts in the Cayman Islands despite denying such allegations publicly, participated in insider trading, illegally accessed government secrets, colluded with French National Police to infiltrate and discredit nationalist protests, is actually homosexual and uses bitcoin to buy drugs on the deep web.

Are we still surprised? After revelations that Obama spent $65K of taxpayer money to fly in male prostitutes from Chicago to a White House party? After Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta and his circle of associates were exposed using known pedophilic code words and discussing unsupervised pool parties with children as entertainment? After that same email leak revealed Podesta reviewing details about conservative Justice Antonin Scalia’s vineyard and mentioning ‘wet works’ (assassination) at the ‘Vineyard’ four days prior to Justice Scalia being found dead there?

This growing evidence of corruption, criminality and cronyism among our elected officials comes amid a tidal wave of arrests of pedophile rings around the world, many of them with high-level connections. All while citizen investigations into elite child trafficking and abuse continue.

The pattern is now so clear, we have to ask ourselves: Why are the uppermost echelons of the globalist establishment filled with such foul people? Why are so many politicians, judges and celebrities pedophiles, money launderers or otherwise morally compromised people?

John podesta photo
The seriously creepy John Podesta. Photo by Center for American Progress

The most plausible answer, and the one for which there is historical precedent, is blackmail. To join the global elite, you are joining a club. You don’t get in for free. To become a member, you have to demonstrate that you are morally compromised and have that evidence held by those who would propel you to power. This is why we see the establishment panicking in unison about issues like pizzagate. This is why there was a sustained propaganda campaign to make the entire story about one pizza place, rather than widespread and systemic abuse of children by public figures. This is the swamp that Trump’s supporters chanted, probably futilely, for him to drain.

If you want to get somewhere politically in this world, you’ll need lots and lots of money. That money comes from shadowy backers: foreign interests, elite bankers and oligarch financiers. It’s a Faustian bargain though; the price of that money is your soul.

This is also why the establishment hates Trump so much. He was already a billionaire before he ran, and unlike the Bushes, Obama and Clintons, he wasn’t owned. Or perhaps he was just owned by other people. Either way, he’s upended the status quo.

If we accept that this is really how the world works, then this creates a quandary for us. We’ve been taught since the crib that what makes the West, or what used to be called in the propaganda the ‘free world’, great, is that we liberty-lovers have control over our governments. We have the say about who rules. Through the sacred political rituals of voting, we determine who rules our nations and the manner in which they do so. We’ve even participated in wars for decades supporting our imperial masters in Washington when they bomb brown people to bring them the delights of postmodern democracy.

The problem for us, once the veil is ripped and we see how things really operate, is that our elected officials don’t owe their position to us. We the people are not sovereign. Someone else is, and we were never any freer than all those brown people we spent billions of our children’s future taxes bombing and shooting.

I’ve alluded above that I believe the ones who control the establishment, and therefore who rule us, are the ones with the most money. This is because, in electoral systems like ours, politics is constant and politics is always and everywhere expensive. As Carl Schmitt argued in his 1922 book Political Theology, if you want to identify who really has power then look at who makes decisions during a crisis. This is the sovereign, and as was demonstrated during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, the ones who make the calls during times of dire crisis these days are the plutocrats. We are ruled by bankers.

George soros photo
George Soros the Hutt. Photo by boellstiftung

I’m not saying that Lindy the half-Asian teller down at the local ANZ is the shadowy overlord of your local area. I’m arguing that the apex of the globalist pyramid is staffed by those who control the central banking system and the international banks which control most of the retail banks in the world through majority ownership. These are the men who farm the wealth created by the workers of the world, and they use the enormous wealth that accrues to them as a result to control politics, the media, think tanks and the other elements of the establishment to their favour. They are sovereign.

Along with the Rothschild group, employment at Goldman Sachs is a well-worn pathway to power and untold riches. Like the Medici of medieval Florence, the bank grooms rising stars for political positions across the world. Our PM is a former partner. Wherever the global money trough is at its deepest and murkiest, the vampire squid will not be far away.

In such a state of affairs, the executive and legislative branches of government become administrators and the judiciary become activists subordinate to the interests of the oligarch-controlled deep state. The separation of powers becomes a meaningless fiction under such circumstances. We already saw how John Podesta and his accomplices seem to have dealt with a problematic Supreme Court Justice.

Under this type of socialist plutocracy, the myths upon which our politics rests are false. The narratives which provide legitimacy to our ruling establishment are fake. It makes propaganda of our media, and a puppet-show of our politics. Nothing is real in the way we thought it was. The beliefs which are cultivated in the minds of the men and women of the West to justify us handing over our liberties and wealth to the system are nothing but lies.

Why do we allow ourselves to be consumed by ‘news’ about political decisions, legislative changes and court decisions as though we have any say in the matter? It makes public life in the postmodern West a pretence. How the money masters must chuckle at our naïve political chatter, as though it matters.

Either we acknowledge that the people are not sovereign and make formal the plutocratic tyranny in which the banking elite rule us openly, or else we change the political operating system for this nation. We can’t have it both ways. There is no hope for a society whose public life has become a lie. If our government is fake, then everything takes on an air of unreality. Better a government be arbitrary or even cruel than phony. There is no dignity in that.

For a people to flourish individually and as a whole they must have a system in which sovereignty is explicit. This is the only way to ensure accountability and stability. The people must know whose palace to burn down when elite incompetence threatens the security of the state and the wellbeing of the people. The opaque and deceptive diffusion of power we have in the postmodern West has allowed too much entropy to build up in the system, too many perverse incentives and deluded practices to accumulate. Our rulers are incompetent, criminal and degenerate because they have never had to face the people openly and be held to account. They are shrouded in lies.

In one of history’s great ironies, the system that we tell ourselves ensures we are ruled by the best actually makes sure that we are ruled by the worst. The first step to fixing this terrible situation is to face the harsh truth that our democracy is a sham, our politics is a lie and our rulers are unworthy. Only then can we start to fix it.

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Moses is the author of ‘Civilizationism: Why the West is Collapsing & How We Can Save It’. His writing also appears on The Daily Caller and Zero Hedge. He blogs at