Food for Thought – Muh Weaponised Irony

Autism intensifies. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Like many fellow Alt-Right fashy goy shitlords who live to redpill cuckservatives and libtards alike with extreme prejudice, Hitlerian humor is our bread and butter online.

However, certain autistic ANTIFAs lack the cranial capacity to comprehend how shoahing our edgy memes on a daily basis is fortifying fashy convictions and herding droves of jestful jugend into our ranks.

ANTIFAs, whose Nazi punching fetish has become a viral joke, further reinforces the “Rise of the Right” when they routinely report casual comments such as this.

Because ANTIFAs and their fellow “anti-fashy” cohorts are the authoritative overlords on (((Facebook))), teenage rebellion is overwhelmingly identifying with Fashy dreams that oppose their Multicultural Marxist institutions.

Please #KeepFashingTheKids ANTIFA!

Food for thought.