Food for Thought – The Goyim Know, Shut It Down

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Over the last month or so, Facebook has been significantly vamping up their transnational attacks against political organisations deemed to be the “New Nazis”.

First Facebook suspended 30,000 French accounts 10-days before the national elections in order to censor Marine Le Pen’s supporters.

During the same period Britain First (whose Facebook page has nearly 2 million likes) had their account targeted and were subsequently arrested.

Meanwhile, here in Australia, the United Patriots Front (UPF) were exorcised entirely from Facebook, in an attempt to dissipate UPF’s sizable online network of more than 100,000 Facebook followers.

As for thousands of individual thought criminals like myself, who’ve now basically embraced the adage of Godwin’s Law, we’ve had our accounts explicitly mass reported and shut-down by cowardly “anti-fascist” communists.

With hailing a future for White children being the number one thought-crime on Facebook, is it any wonder why people en masse are reaching for the red-pill?

I thought “Andy (ANTIFA) Fleming” wanted folk to know who the Nazis were LOL

Food for thought.