Straight to the Point – One Ring to Turn Them Cuck

Meme by Ryan Fletcher

Leading corporate cuckolds at AirBnB, Qantas, ANZ, Fairfax Media and Foxtel have come out soliciting a free piece of dubious jewellery, for all those marriage revisionists to wear until the rainbow mafia are appeased.

Their latest mantra, “Until we all belong” (suggesting that the substantive pink money base doesn’t already enjoy an equal footing in society) was the extra poisonous icing that spread across this questionable cake.

While this masturbatory act of infantile virtue signalling has been embraced by thousands of SJWs, it certainly is a little less subtle than these idiots roaming around wearing pink triangle armbands screaming at all those not checking their cis-gender privilege.

But until these SJWs get a clue, this virtue-signalling trinket will signify uber-cuckoldry.