A Ryan Rant – Episode 44 (A very fashy 420)


While in years gone by the observance of April 20th held more Agoristic meaning to me, this year marked the moment in which the depths of Wonderland were revealed.

What could only be described as an epiphanous moment, troves of triggered self-professed Libertarians and Leftists responded with fashyphobic virtue signalling to my wishing Uncle Adolf a happy birthday.

As I outlined in Episode 38 of a Ryan Rant, there has been a growing cuckold cancer in Libertarians to offer the red-pilled up as a burnt offering to Bolshevik buggery. With prominent Alt Right media sources constantly under fire from Jewish lobbying groups, one would think it be an imperative for Libertarians to support our right to free speech.

However Libertarians are impotently allowing the kosher cultural Marxist dogma to continue trampling our trollistic truth.

Perhaps Libertarians should reflect on the sentiments of Benjamin Franklin that “Those who would give up Essential Liberty, to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”.