A Ryan Rant – Episode 42 (#ANTIFA Update)


For those following the ongoing mematic shit-storm engulfing ANTIFA whore Louise Rosealma, we’re witnessing another wonderful red-pilling moment in the meme wars.

After getting squarely punched right between the eyes, this ANTIFA whore took to the GoFundMe website to dubiously crowd fund for her feels. Many of us suspect one of the few people contributing shekels to this whore was none other than globalist speculator (((George Soros))).

When the (((Mainstream Media))) rolled out their trust fund Trotskyite on television, they forgot to mention this Moldylock whore had been wearing a weighted glove and was there for one hundred Nazi scalps with here black bloc wearing mates.

This once again explains why ANTIFA have to wear the masks. Because otherwise we will find out their cucked up parents are loaded, and then you won’t vote for people whom preserve their wealth. I mean who in their right mind are asking ANTIFA who to vote for.