A Ryan Rant – Episode 36


From womb to tomb, propaganda is about as certain as Benjamin Franklin’s idiom regarding death and taxes.

While the Lunatic Left get their flow on, to vaginize the visual identity of trendy beta cucks with regressive Rorschach tests, we on the right prefer to popularize our protagonists who preach truth against depravity.

Often our prophets have been men who excel in the skills of graphic design, in order to break the Bolshevik barriers to building a whiter brighter future.

Whether it be the late Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, world renowned revisionist
Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel or Red Ice radio and TV host Henrik Palmgren, all have a solid background in commercial artistry.

This is why in the great meme war of 2016, the Lunatic Left were vanquished by the awesome power of KEK!

Praise KEK!