A Ryan Rant – Episode 35


Ethno-nationalism is the fundamental formula by which the synergy of race and religion reinforces a cohesive common identity in a nation state.

In the context of Australian ethno-nationalism, which was federated upon the premise of a white majority homeland, the distinction between Australia and Asia has been forged by battle and bloodshed.

However, in contemporary Australia this zeal for preserving a place for whites in the Southern hemisphere, has become greatly diminished by cultural complacency and spiritual demoralisation.

Politically speaking, foreign forces have been able to control the major political cartels in our country by engaging in erosive entryism that benefits the money masters in control of international banking syndicates.

In order to protect and preserve what’s left of our identity and sovereignty, we as electors need to be able to effectively control our representatives in order to serve the interests of Australians over alien alliances.

To quote The Gambler “secret to survivin’ is knowing what to throw away, and knowing what to keep”. In order to rejuvenate our national identity, we must first exorcise those externalities that threaten it.