The Surge to Purge Leftist Dysfunction from the West

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Recent reports indicate that regressive rejects are vamping up their efforts for a Communist coup d’état overthrow of the Trump Administration. Because of this, an oppositional right-of-centre vanguard has formed against them.

Due to their increasing propensity for terrorism, patriot and nationalist groups (as well as law enforcement agencies) are being deployed to infiltrate and analyse their operations.

While many of these Looney Leftists have been found to be committing fake hate crimes against themselves in desperate attempts to conjure up pseudo-victimhood status, they are routinely responsible for acts of vandalism, break and entry, arson, assault, theft and murder.

With these Leftists being a significant pollutant in Western societies at late, it is important to understand what drives their dysfunction so we’re able to purge our societies of their destruction.