A Ryan Rant – Episode 32


Self-hating whites are generally those belonging to the vocal Marxist minority, whose cognitive functioning is impaired by guilt rhetoric that postulates that all mankind’s ills are the deeds of White people.

This insane assertion has metastasised so much in its absurdity that everything from White babies to drinking a glass of milk is considered to be racist.

While it seems self-hating whites lack the cranial capacity to comprehend what racism is, they do seem to be quite proficient at being racist whenever they can.

With racial dysphoria being enshrined by lunatic Lefties as a trendy way to cast off one’s Whiteness, other ethnic groups don’t exactly seem thrilled with the proto-Marxist process of “race transition”.

However, with the wonders of diversity rearing its ugly head, is it any surprise that not all white people are willing to extinguish the flame of tradition?