A Ryan Rant – Episode 31


Anarcho-Communist garbage truly epitomizes what it means to be an oxygen thief unworthy of life.

Touting their typical mantra of, “The only good fascist is a dead one,” it’s bemusing to know that in their deluded little worldthe first ,the mantle of fascist is claimed by a rapidly growing section of the population.

Widely seen as the best argument for having more psychiatric hospitals, Anarcho-Communists’ antics are considered the primary catalyst for the exponential growth in right wing sentiment. Which begs the question as to how many of these revolutionary rejects are mentally defective offspring of wealthy Liberal parents.

With their cultish drive to destroy everything they can in our civilised society, it is naïve to think that these low-lives will eventually eliminate themselves like a Marxist commune.

While the old saying of “better dead than red” remains true, if history has taught us anything in the final analysis, it is better to have dead reds!