The PM’s Proposition to Murder Australia


Apparently Australia has a ‘multicultural statement’ put forth via proclamation by the Prime Minister. Did you know? I didn’t. Is this something all countries have signed up for? I doubt it. Do Afghanistan or Belarus or Kazakhstan or Zimbabwe have such a thing? If no, why not? Why are we always so special, Prime Minister? Why are they a distinct people with a distinct biological, cultural and ethnic identity and we are not?

What it seems to really mean is that, every once in a while, the top puppet parliamentarian gets to play with the wording of what defines your, and my, national identity. What power! With just a few strokes of the keyboard, presumably by a staffer or shadowy globalist ghostwriter, the PM can change the very essence of our being. Pharaohs, kings and emperors would have lusted after such power! They were constrained by tradition, religion and custom. Not so our PM. He just wills a new nation into being. He’s a postmodern god.

According to our current shogun then, we are a proposition nation. This is the idea which underpins the Prime Minister’s civic nationalism: a view of the nation as people of many races and many cultures who are united through ‘shared political values, democracy, freedom and the rule of law’. It’s the ‘many faces, one Australia’ lie we’ve been repeating to ourselves for generations now. In the formulation of our mighty tsar: ‘We are an immigrant nation’.

No, we’re not. No nation has ever been or will ever be an ‘immigrant nation’, Prime Minister. That isn’t a nation. That’s a cohabiting rabble who will shortly descend into bloodshed. Australia was built by white people from western Europe. We brought civilisation to a continent steeped in brutal darkness, and now the indigenes who live here too can benefit as well. Well, they would, if we weren’t destroying them through predatory socialism.

Because we’re a generous, open sort of people, we have invited certain other groups to come and join us. This has been a decreasingly successful approach over time. After World War II, we let a bunch of wogs in. Given that they had been civilised Europeans for centuries before even us, it worked out in the main. We had a common religion in Christianity and shared history. A quick read of John O’Grady’s ‘They’re a Weird Mob’ shows that there were teething problems, but we’ve now grafted that Mediterranean vine onto our Anglo-Celtic vineyard successfully. They made the wine taste better, too.

The same goes for the Catholic Vietnamese and Orthodox Lebanese, as well as other groups with a common faith and enough common historical roots that they could, over time, earn the right to the brotherhood of Australian culture. It’s an ongoing process, and a few tragic wars and brutal depressions would have been right enough to make us monocultural again. This, by the way, should always be the goal. Monoculture is the strength of a nation. Lose that, and you have no nation.


Over the last twenty years, this process of ethnic adoption which we have extended to those who want out of the Old World and into the New has broken down. We now have countless communities and households which are not at all making the transition to becoming Australian. Many of them are not interested. Does anyone honestly believe now that Lakemba will be anything but a Muslim enclave and expansion point into other areas for the rest of time? This is now true of many places in Australia that have been colonised by peoples not at all interested in becoming us. Some of them hate us. Most of them see us as a welfare ticket, or a place to park ill-gotten wealth away from communist authorities. They will never be our brothers.

Your narrative of a Nation of Immigrants(TM) is also not what your tax-funded media mouthpieces tell me, Prime Minister. Your ABC and SBS tell me constantly that my Anglo-Celtic ancestors were invaders, not immigrants. Does that mean the ABC and SBS are not Australian? I’d be happy to let them know, if you like.

The Department of Social Services communique which informs us of our new national identity makes no attempt at objectivity. It is a clearly partisan piece of propaganda. Why does the government which taxes and regulates me, confiscates my children and threatens to send them to war if it wishes, find it necessary to propagandise me about my national identity? Perhaps they’re worried that their message isn’t getting through in the way it used to any more.

The piece letting us know of our identity change has the tone of a court official clapping enthusiastically at the wisdom of our great big kahuna. It was written by the (presumably Chinese) journalist Charis Chang. One has to wonder: Would Ms Chang care if Australia as a people disappeared? Of course, we can’t know. But we should wonder, should we not? Fast friends are often no friends at all.

Malcolm turnbull photo
Our Grand Poobah. Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

We all know our grand poobah is lying to himself and to us with his ‘multicultural statement’. We know it isn’t true. He knows it isn’t true. We know that the Korean family who comes here today to get their kids into our universities feel no pressure to assimilate. We know that whole suburbs of Third World Muslims are seething with resentment at our wealth, our confidence, our decadence. They tell each other just to wait, that the future is theirs through the implacable destiny of demography. And until things change, they’re right.

What the PM is doing here is framing the nation in terms of the state, not the people. You and I just happen to live here, and could be seamlessly replaced by Chinese or Somalis as long as they pledged to support abstractions such as ‘freedom, democracy and the rule of law’. I know many fifth-generation Aussies who struggle with one or more of these, PM. I’m no fan of this democratic socialist system constructed by control freaks like you to farm the productivity of tax cattle like me. Do my convict ancestors not insulate me, then, from the charge of not being Australian? Is the Mohamed down the road who says he loves ‘democracy’ then more Aussie than me?

Let’s say then, though, that the millions of newcomers the establishment are bringing to our shores and flooding our cities with assure us that they support these abstract ideals. How could you know if they meant it, Prime Minister? How would you know that they wouldn’t go back to their places of worship and, in the tongue of their faith, reassure the faithful that the time of their domination is soon and the white devils will soon submit to their god and his ‘values’. I guess you might need a surveillance state in such a scenario, right, PM? That’s pretty convenient really, isn’t it? More power to the glorious leader!

This is the problem with the ‘magic dirt’ theory of civic nationalism. You turn public life into a secular Inquisition by putting forth the lie that anyone who comes here can become as Australian as Ned Kelly, Weary Dunlop or Steve Irwin by simply adopting ‘our values’. You are also bullying the people of Australia into accepting a tyrannical establishment, on fear of social ostracism.

Elizabeth I demonstrated great political wisdom when she said, ‘I have no desire to make windows into men’s souls’. She was saying that she was done with the religious strife of earlier periods, that an Englishman was an Englishman regardless of his Christian denomination. This is wise government. Only a tyrant commands the thoughts of his subjects, as this will always lead to totalitarianism and persecution. This is why an organic, ethnic basis for national identity is crucial. If we let the politicians make up the rules for who’s in and who’s out, we’ll end up with a beige sludge which is no nation at all, ruled by a bureaucracy that sees us solely as fungible economic units.

We can never know what someone’s ‘values’ are, any more than we know if they truly love us or really think we’re the best boss they ever worked for. Men have sovereignty over their own mind. God made it that way. Not even ASIO can peer into the hidden recesses of a man’s soul. We should never let them try.

This means that there is no way to know if the abstract concepts upon which you base your proposition nation are being adhered to by newcomers. It also means that we must, like all sane and sensible peoples of the past, regard all newcomers with suspicion until they have sweated, bled and died into our soil and been accepted as our brothers. Trust, Prime Minister, takes time. It’s organic, not ideological. It’s a cultural process, not a bureaucratic one. And generally the greater the cultural, religious and biological divides between the newcomers and us, the longer that process is going to take. In the case of the Christian Copts and Muslims in Egypt, for example, it’s been 1500 years and it still hasn’t happened. Perhaps with some groups, it never will.

The way you cheapen being Australian, Prime Minister, reveals that, like the rest of the political class and the establishment, you see the nation as the state. We are our government, and our government is us. It’s the soft totalitarian democide (killing of your own people) that is practised by rulers who see themselves as having no connection to those they rule. The mob can be anyone, right? Who cares? In your mind, were it not for that ghastly white building in that circular country town near the Australian Alps, then Australia itself wouldn’t exist. It’s a neat trick really, Prime Minister. You’re basically saying that we are you; that we don’t exist. It’s the gaslighting of a nation by a political class on behalf of their globalist oligarchic backers. Creepy, but effective.

I guess once a Goldman Sachs guy, always a Goldman Sachs guy, right, Prime Minister?

This is the same lie control freaks with too much governmental power have told themselves since the Bronze Age. Once pharaohs believed that Egypt was them and they were Egypt, then Egypt should build them a pyramid. It wasn’t true in the Bronze Age, and it isn’t true now.

A nation is always its people, not its government, Prime Minister. Regimes that forget this truth are quickly consigned to the dustbin of history. You won’t leave behind any pyramids for posterity, either.

Multiculturalism is the suicide, or murder, of a nation. A nation is bound by common language, shared biological identity and compatible cultural practices. These are not political values; they are forged through mutual struggle in the crucible of history. It can’t be magicked into existence upon the whim of a politician. Only a fool, a madman or a tyrant would try.

Moses is the author of ‘Civilizationism: Why the West is Collapsing & How We Can Save It’. His writing also appears on The Daily Caller and Zero Hedge. He blogs at

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