Food for Thought – Predicting PVV to Prevail

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

We’re entering the final hours before the Netherlands goes to the ballot box, and frankly there is no doubt in my mind that Geert Wilder’s Party For Freedom (PVV) will be victorious as a result.

Commenting last month on the greatness of Geert, one can’t help but sense this greatness has only been amplified since the Muslims rioted in Rotterdam the other day.

While the presstitutes in the lying fake news media tell us “this has nothing to do with Islam”, Dutch citizens clearly don’t concur with their delusional deductions.

Hopefully, what we are seeing with the roaring surge of support for the PVV is a triumphant tide that will turn against the Islamic invasion, and begin to repel their satanic subversion from European lands.

Food for thought.