Food for Thought – One Nation Puts ABC in Their Place

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

After the Western Australian election result, which at present has Pauline Hanson’s One Nation ranked as the third most popular party in the Legislative Council, it appears their ABC is once again having a hissy fit.

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Even with an abysmal Labor victory (which I’m absolutely positive their ABC are stoked about), they were decrying “an attack on role of media in a democracy” when they were barred from being able to cover the One Nation function on WA election night.

This presstitute savvy story has since been picked up and proliferated by thirteen MSN sources.

While I’m all for freedom of speech, their ABC are by no means an impartial media outlet. The National Broadcaster has consistently been hostile towards Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, and frankly, if the party wants to preclude certain parasitic presstitutes from their right to free assembly, I fully support their right to do so.

Considering that over the years the New Left have routinely barred those they deem to be a part of the “bourgeois press” from their assorted functions, I’m calling bulldust on the assertion that this is an “attack” on democracy.

Food for thought.