Food for Thought – Dowling Does Degeneracy

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Herald Sun presstitute James Dowling yesterday brought out a piece entitled, “Distrust of Islam at shock highs”, where he points to a survey that indicates only a mere 17% of Victorians trust Islam (well imagine my shock).

Rather than expanding on the legitimate concerns of 83% of Victorians who don’t trust Islam, Dowling descended into drivel about the “far-right” ad nauseam throughout the article.

According to the Dowling, folk like you and I are the reason the Andrews government had to spend $3.3 million on an “anti-racism campaign” this year with regard to Islam (remind us James, what race is Islam again?)

Dowling, who characterises the “far-right” as a bunch of bush-dwelling bumpkins working “low-paying jobs”, was the same presstitute that wrote an article last year entitled, “Right-wing extremist terror fears: Authorities concerned groups spurred by online propaganda”.

Considering there has been more concerted violence carried out over the last couple of years by left-wing and Islamic terrorist groups, one can’t help but scoff at Dowling’s egregiously false assertion as to who is the greater threat.

Food for thought.