A Ryan Rant – Episode 26


For some time now, the predatory presstitute press has characterised young and old opposed to open borders, Islamisation, marriage perversion and general bolshie buggery of our social institutions as “racist extremists”.

They refer to anti-white Liberal Socialists, Communists and masked, black-bloc-wearing, knife-wielding, pipe-swinging, riotous ANTIFA terrorists as “anti-fascism protesters”.

These globalist Machiavellian mouthpieces, vetted into the MSN propaganda mill, are one of the primary means by which Cultural Marxism has been allowed to socially engineer society into a degenerate death cycle.

Meanwhile our parliamentary system is full of these quisling parasites who have sold Australia out.

With Turnbull’s coalition of cuckolds allowing their party to shift closer towards the paedophile/rapist territory of the Trade Union trendies (aka Labor) and the commie cringe-fringe (aka The Greens), is it any wonder Australia is beginning to dose up on red pills?

As based Senator Bernardi departs from the Liberals to save Australian Conservatives from the Marxist mutant metastasis, we can only hope Australia receives a life transplant soon!