A Ryan Rant – Episode 24


Recently I’d expressed that “globalist governmental grubs” who let in 30 African migrants who’d assaulted 21-year-old landscaper Andrew Wills “should be shot”.

Globalist-funded black-bloc-wearing ANTIFA trolls wasted no time characterising yours truly as a “Radical Extremist” who’d allegedly called for “the assassination of public officials”.

While I would have loved to enter the definition of “globalist” into the local court records, our boys in blue (aka fair dinkum public servants) would barely give these twits the time of day for such idiotic accusations.

Considering that commies and cuckolds think it kosher to cut PM Abbott’s throat, while receiving millions in tax-payer funding, we’ll have to play the smallest violin in the world for these precious little snowflakes as a result.