Food for Thought – The Greatness of Geert

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

For a long while now, your XYZ has warned of the impending Islamic invasion of Europe and the broader world. In a time when the presiding Pope of the Catholic Church asserts that “Muslim terrorism doesn’t exist” and that the Bible and Koran are the same, one has to wonder about the fate of our Judeo-Christian-Humanist civilisation.

Hence your XYZ fondly favours the zealous convictions of forthright leaders like Geert Wilders who resist the Koranic cuckoldry of Islamic immigration.

Geert Wilders, who has been relentlessly targeted for speech suppression by the Islamophilic establishment, is also routinely targeted for assassination by Islamic terrorists for his vehement opposition to their draconian worldview.

With recent reports indicating that Geert Wilders’ Party For Freedom (PVV) is roaring ahead in the Netherlands opinion polls, one must question to what lengths the establishment will stoop to prevent his promotion to power.

With Australian Muslim leader Keysar Trad coming out today in defence of the Koran’s teaching of beating women, one can’t help but hope that Wilder’s de-Islamisation strategy of closing all mosques and banning the Koran comes to Australia (and the rest of the Western world) real soon!

Food for thought.