Food for Thought – Goading the Globalist Gremlins

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

Anti-White “Liberal” Socialists, Communists and ANTIFA anarchists have done an excellent job at amplifying the arguments of the anti-cultural Marxist vanguard.

Spending their days praising paedophiles, agitating to import migrants who intentionally seek to attack White people while deeming everything to be racist, these assorted Leftists lack the cranial capacity to comprehend how they are contributing to the One Nation surge.

Hopelessly addicted to an odious diet of Cultural Marxist malingering, these treasonous Trots who have a high statistical probability of being mentally ill are truly the greatest example of justification for what they deem as “intolerance”.

Even with the globalist-controlled MSN fake news gleefully calling these cretins by their egregiously false self-imposed titles (i.e., “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist”), few in the public are falling for their pseudo-Liberal lies.

Their brazen compulsion to condone and commit acts of rape and violence is why no-one really cares about their crocodile tears over free helicopter ride memes. As they continue to parasite off their parents and plague our society with seething hatred of all things Western, the tide of history is fast moving to drown their degeneracy.

Food for thought.