Straight to the Point – Hollywood Celebs Threaten ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ unless Trump Resigns

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

Hollywood’s paedophile-praising elite, who failed to follow through with their threats to leave America if Donald J. Trump became president, are now threatening to strike until President Trump resigns.

That’s right, these narcissist nut-jobs really think economically sabotaging the epicentre of America’s degeneracy is going to make President Trump’s resignation happen.

As we know, these celebrity cuckolds who virtue-signal for the “Refugees Welcome” mantra, are only interested in barking “racist” at low- to middle-income Americans who aren’t interested living next to their cheap imported illegal migrant labour.

Let’s face it, these millionaire mansion-dwelling Libtards living in gated communities aren’t going to be the ones living next to the hordes they’re agitating to have brought into the country.