A Ryan Rant – Episode 23


As President Donald J. Trump efficiently and effectively launches into fulfilling his campaign promises, stupefied snowflakes around the globe are going into a mental meltdown. With pernicious presstitutes in the globalist fake news media deliberately fanning the flames of precious paedocrat psychosis, few of us would care if they were denied access to the White House.

Meanwhile the pathway for funding the border wall is coming into focus, “sanctuary cities” are being sternly put on notice, TPP is being trashed and Federal funding of the Planned Parenthood abortion industry is being prohibited.

Translation: Trump is off to a terrific start in Making America Great Again!

However, Hillary supporters in vagina costumes, wearing hijabs and applauding a convicted kidnapper, torturer and murder disagrees.

Masked black-bloc-wearing Coprophilic Communists, who burned a limousine owned by a Muslim immigrant, committed multiple acts of assault, threw faeces and water balloons full of urine disagrees.

LaRaza lowlifes calling for the “murder of all white people” disagrees.

Australia’s super-sensitive SJW jihad apologist Waleed Aly disagrees.

In fact, the only people who are getting their knickers in a knot over President Trump’s first week in office are the same old oxygen thieves who have spent the last eighteen months acting like deranged mental patients.

Newsflash, trendies: Your abhorrent antics are what fuelled the Trump train, and if you keep it up you will be guaranteeing President Trump a second term!