Ryan goes on #DanLive


This afternoon, Daniel Evans and I sat down for a chin-wag to discuss the information wars raging in the media, politics, religion and general social discussion.

Dan is a conservative capitalist who advocates for small government, a reduction in red tape, and for Aussie values to once again be brought to the forefront of society.

Dan was recently nominated for The 2016 Australian Patriot of the Year Award alongside Blair Cottrell, Pauline Hanson, David Leyonhjelm, Sonia Kruger, Rita Panahi, Mark Latham, Dick Smith, Ross Cameron and Bob Katter.

The interview is in two parts:

Ryan Fletcher on #DanLive – Part 1

Ryan Fletcher on #DanLive – Part 2

Sit back and tune into another round of discussions with your XYZ’s resident ranter.