Food for Thought – SHY Shills Again for the Sharia Mob

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Yesterday, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young (aka SHY) posted a photo of herself clutching at the hijab-wearing poster girls featured in that union/GetUp!-sponsored eyesore of a billboard.

This overt act of virtue signalling against President Donald Trump’s signing of the Executive Order temporarily halting all refugees was typical Greentard agitation 101.

SHY, Australia’s very own Hamas whore, has long been seeking to flood Australia with Islamic anti-democracy throwbacks, in order to “culturally enrich” our country (scoff). Back around September of 2015, this heart-throb of the cringe fringe wanted to double the Islamic influx being proposed by the Trade Union trendy Bill Shorten.

When that didn’t seem enough to her Greentard acolytes, she proposed opening the borders to 50,000 of them.

Even though this hysterical Nauru bashing nut-job was one of the notables who had enabled people smugglers to drown migrants at sea, this deranged degenerate has been the primary catalyst behind illegals swarming into Australia.

Meanwhile, our P.O.S. Islamophile PM Malcolm Turnbull tells us:

“It is important for us that we promote and encourage Islam.”

Food for thought.