Food for Thought – Rosie the Retard Continues to Lower the Bar on Idiocy

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Rosie O’Donnell (aka Disgusting Fat Pig) has come out swinging at President-elect Trump, by tweeting for “martial law” until non-existent “charges” against President-elect Trump are “cleared”.

As we know, Rosie O’Donnell, along with many of her pseudo-liberal paedophile-praising Hollywood hater mates, are so delusional to the world around them that their cosmopolitan psychosis can only survive in the milieu of a manicured mansion.

However, this inference of a Continuity of Government (COG) emergency by Rosie the huge hog beast is consistent with the reprehensible agenda that has given the Leftist rent-a-rioters a green light to assault, censor and murder their opposition.

Rosie the retard, who is one of the luminaries of the phony “Refuse Fascism” astroturfer movement (funded by the predatory speculator George Soros), has alerted the liberty movement to the strategy being sought by these seditious sycophants in the socialist sects.

Take note to be vigilant against them in the days and months ahead; the fight for the Golden Age of Greatness has just begun!

Food for thought.