A Ryan Rant – Episode 21


As the forces of cultural Marxism retreat further into desperation by resorting to amplified targeted assault, assassination and arson, their globalist handlers are becoming more apparent to public understanding.

For instance, their strategists in the corporate-controlled MSM (who in reality are white propaganda operatives for the CIA), are repeatedly justifying the case for riotous destabilisation tactics as “civil protests”.

Never mind that their so-called “civil protests”, being orchestrated by paid agitators, are repeatedly resulting in property destruction, assault, attempted murder and general lawlessness (which is costing tax-payers significantly).

Meanwhile, prominent social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are recruiting these same agitators to spearhead Communist-style censorship of information that’s defiant against the newspeak of the pseudo-Liberal Globalist establishment.

Keep in mind, Leftists in the past have been vocally opposed to CIA-sponsored sabotage, subversion, propaganda, economic warfare and support for anti-communist resistance.

It appears now that the agency is seeking to provide these services to the socio-political agenda of the Cultural Marxists, they now aren’t too fazed by the agency’s existence.