A Ryan Rant – Episode 19


How is it that a volunteer civilian Alt-Right media militia are in the cross-hairs of the corporate-controlled Liberal establishment media?

For instance, last month when The Age and SMH newspapers disseminated a hatchet piece that sneeringly referred to our writers as “keyboard warriors” whose sites “carr[y] ads,” the hypocrisy was overtly potent.

Besides the fact that The Age and SMH also “carry ads” in print and on their site, they also seem to be able to offer their over-priced “journalists” a sizeable income and superannuation plan that our modest operations are not privy to (as yet).

With one of their own articles indicating a grade eight journalist earns a salary and allowances totalling north of $79,000 a year plus an extra $500 a week as a contributor, you might say their attack on volunteer Alt-Right reporters is shamelessly elitist.

The Age in particular, who likes to comment on what is “not especially high” income, appears to be utterly deaf, dumb and blind to the unequal reality of “reporting” remuneration.

Yet, as we’ve seen with things like BREXIT, the amplified return of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, the victory of God-Emperor Donald Trump and the surge of the Right in Europe, we see who is having the greater impact.

Your XYZ, along with other Australian Alt-Right media like The Unshackled, Zero Filter, TheDingoes.xyz, ALTCon News, Alt Right Australia and the Sydney Traditionalist Forum have ostensibly become David’s stone being launched at the globalist Goliath’s head.

Take note, corporate-controlled fake news media: the Alt-Right isn’t going away any time soon!