Food for Thought – Fakebook’s Fabian Feline Fact-checkers

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Over the last month or so, your XYZ has been following the ongoing operation to vamp up Communist-style censorship of Facebook (which is one of the largest for-profit social media platforms on the internet).

Facebook’s co-founder and majority shareholding owner Mark Zuckerberg (whose CIA alias is “Agent Overlord”) is the 5th richest person in the world and a big supporter of certain black bloc wearing pseudo-“anti-fascists” (who are well known to be paid lynch mobs for globalist money power).

These pseudo-“anti-fascists” (who present themselves as cats in black bloc on Facebook) are deployed by the likes of Zuckerberg to stalk, report and harass those who are counter-intentional towards the “community standards” (which is Orwellian newspeak for “globalist thoughtcrime”).

Since the Trump triumph of November 8th 2016, the strategy has been to filter news deemed to be “fake”, or to be more accurate, information that contradicts the globalist narrative.

The outfit that has been put in charge of spearheading Facebook’s Ministry of Truth is the exclusively leftist commercial operation funded by George Soros called (which appears to be quite questionable when it comes to “fact checking”).

Snopes co-founder, Barbara Mikkelson (who moonlights as a Jabba the Hutt impersonator), is very fond of cats and showcasing her thick-rimmed feminist fedora. I’d imagine she’ll get on great with these black bloc wearing cats policing the internet.

Food for thought.