Food for thought – Demonic deceivers cook up a storm

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher
Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

2016 has delivered some debilitating blows to the delusional disinformation being spread by the globalist-Green operatives in the corporate fake news media.

Descending into their death throes, these elitist fiends are frantically deriding those independent media outlets (who have debunked their “infallible” declarations) as “crackpots, conspiracy theorists and racists”.

As the oligarchical overlords double down on their operation to channel the Hitlerian “strength” which “lies not in defence but in attack”, they have conjured up the most deranged demons to date.

With certain high ranking Thelemic ticks, congregating to bath their prepubescent prey in satanic cocktails of semen, breast milk and foetal blood, one might suggest the corporate fake news media aims to conjure up greater clandestine control over the “bewildered herd”.

But with this depravity being a global grotesquery, one must ask what a certain tax-payer funded brainwashing corporation has “cooking” in the kitchen.

Food for thought.