Never saw it coming: Turnbull gets played by ABC, again


It’s funny how, throughout 2008 and 2009, Malcolm Turnbull was beloved by their ABC, and the rest of leftie Australia appeared to believe all was well – a Labor government, and a LINO (Liberal In Name Only) as the only alternative.  Yet the Liberal Party’s conservative base (you know, the people who actually vote for the Liberal Party, occasionally) when faced with a Liberal leader who did little more than slightly disagree with Kevin07 while agreeing in principle, deserted the party.

Although the contest inside the party when Abbott chose to challenge was tight, the Liberal Party’s approval rating quickly rose with Abbott at the helm, and all it took was for Abbott to say “no” to Rudd, and the spell was broken, the emperor had no clothes, and the knives came out.  The electorate was savage on the Labor government in the 2010 election, with a Crooked Julia government hanging on by the skin of its teeth, if that.

Rinse and repeat in 2015-16.  The cuck side of the Liberal Party, ever wary of looking good in the eyes of those who would never dream of voting Liberal, and who placed far too much faith in the opinions emanating from their ABC (who incidentally never saw the knifing of Rudd coming) hoped that if they knifed Abbott, the lefties would like them again.  And it woud all be different this time around… you know, Malcolm Turnbull will actually be sustainably popular, as opposed to hopelessly ineffectual as he was in 2009.. and knifing a sitting Liberal PM is completely different from knifing a sitting Labor PM.  The people wouldn’t dream of punishing them at the ballot box..

This is all terribly predictable.  Abbott will be PM again.  I look forward to the first Abbott-Trump summit.

It’s your XYZ.