Food for thought – Trump wants you to gouge out the eyes of the globalists

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

After watching the pathetic stand-up performance from the grotesque globalist grub Michael Moore in “Trumpland”, I have never been more ready to see a Trump presidency eventuate from the ashes of the Obama administration.

Put it down to my pathological hatred of the femo-Fabians and their castrated cuck allies, but the reckoning that is coming won’t be suppressed by UN overseen voter fraud favouring Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary’s schizophrenic suggestions that the “Russians will hack voting machines” (even though her cronies have previously been telling us it’s “an almost impossible task for them to do”) is just adding to the list of absurdities making this woman a demented disaster for the top job.

The fact that you’ve had Jill Stein (the Green Party candidate) come out endorsing Trump over Hillary, because even she sees Clinton’s policies leading to a nuclear hot war scenario with Russia, should set off alarm bells with voters.

But because these self-proclaimed “anti-racist” rent-a-mobs (revelling in the rhetoric of white “cisgender” male sterilisation and “killing all white babies”) say to vote Hillary, any opposition from we “the deplorables” is being cast as “bigotry”.

With the mainstream media constantly engaging in apologetics for violence against Trump supporters, career politicians coveting the votes of illegals and the money masters spurring on every impulse for Western annihilation, expect we “the deplorables” to deport you (whatever the election result)!

Food for thought.