Food for thought – Soros shekels bankroll bolshie treason

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher
Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

Over the last couple of days, putrid pseudo-Liberal Communist scumbags have been rioting over the election results which have catapulted President-elect Donald J. Trump in an arms reach of the White House.

As has been reported in the last couple of days by Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson, these rejects have been getting $15-$18 dollars an hour (with added reimbursement) to cause havoc.

The funding source for these rent-a-rejects is once again coming from the coffers of the predatory speculative globalist George Soros.

Meanwhile globalist media operatives accuse Trump supporters of violence, even though these reports have been readily found to be fabricated. They have the audacity to further ask of President-elect Trump as to what he’s going to do to appease these POS Communist garbage, who’ve assaulted Trump supporters throughout the country.

Had it been any right-wing uprising to a Hillary Clinton victory, these globalist mainstream media lowlifes would be immediately jumping down Trump’s throat with, “Do you denounce them?”

With more than three million votes being cast by illegal aliens, it is undeniably clear that Trump not only won the Electoral College vote, but has won the popular vote also. Not only that, but President-elect Trump has managed to propel the Republicans to a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate (something not even Reagan was able to accomplish).

If these destabilisation tactics by anti-democratic deviants on the far-Left continue, you will undeniably see an influx of patriotic Americans moving to support their counterforce (which I can guarantee you has more readily available firepower than these black bloc wearing degenerates).

Food for thought.