Food for thought – Shorten attempts to play the populist

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

While Marxists in the U.S. continue to impersonate Trump supporters (to stir up greater division by which to capitalise on), our globalist scumbags at home attempt to shape-shift their policy credentials to capitalise on the Trump Train victory.

For example yesterday is was reported by establishment media sources, that Bill Shorten is looking to “put Australian workers first”, even though PM Turnbull noted that the highest number of 457 visas had been granted when Shorten was employment minister (but as we know, Turnbull’s quisling credentials aren’t much better).

While it’s widely known that bighead bloated man boob Bill is a snivelling little parasite, who agrees with Gillard without knowing what she’s said, it is unlikely that a man surrounded by open border shills would care one iota about what is good for Australian workers and job-seekers.

To believe Shorten has had some sort of political epiphany of putting Australia first would take some significant suspension of disbelief.

Food for thought.